The Story Behind the Transaction

December 22, 2016

National Christian Foundation has reached the $1 billion grant dollar milestone within the calendar year! This landmark has historical significance. NCF’s previous mission statement inspired us to distribute $1B annually by 2015. It is humbling to realize that God allowed us to participate in reaching this particular milestone and encourages us to continue to strive to inspire biblical generosity. 

As intriguing as it is to reach unprecedented levels, the story behind the transaction is often what makes it memorable. 

The grant that put us over the one billionth mark was requested by an influential Indiana donor and distributed to Miracle Camp and Retreat Center in Lawton, MI. This giver started with a complex gift and utilized his company in order to fund his giving goals. He also wisely uses his Donor Advised Fund (DAF) to leverage the grant as part of an annual matching donation for this small camp. In fact, of the 30 grants he sent in December, over half were leveraging matching programs for greater kingdom impact.

The Center serves more than 2,900 youth through camp programs and activities annually on Bankson Lake. They also hold men’s, women’s, marriage and family retreats throughout the year. The Center exists to facilitate biblical life change by helping people draw close to God. Together, we get one step closer to every person reached and restored through the love of Christ.

We continue to be encouraged and inspired by our giver’s generosity! Please join me in celebrating this milestone as we continue our work of mobilizing resources for His Kingdom.

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